Letter to the Editor (cell phone number included)

Dear Editor:

In the last month, President Bush has traded in his too-tight flight suit for a revival tent, backing a new anti-obscenity crusade, anti-condom sex-ed programs, a renewed commitment to fighting the drug war, and his attorney general’s efforts to poke around the private medical records of women who’ve had abortions. He has even proposed and is now working vigorously on an amendment to the constitution to ban gay marriages. It is clear that Bush will be relying heavily on the unltra-conservative rights in this country to give him the push he will need in the voting booths this November.

Who would have time to talk about the three million jobs that have been lost under his belt when we are trying to keep Joe and Bob from getting married? You would think the Christian right has more pressing matters to worry about. America now has 35 million people living in poverty, many of them working poor. And Christian conservatives, including Bush, are up in arms about gay marriage?

Bush’s 2005 budget calls for a boost in funding for government efforts to crack down on the adult entertainment industry – one of the precious few non-terror-related programs to garner a spending increase. I kid you not: While the White House is cutting back on its housing budget, veterans’ benefits, the National Institutes of Health, and higher education, it’s opening up the coffers to make sure you have a harder time downloading the Paris Hilton sexcapade on the Net. The Justice Department has recently assigned a team of FBI agents to focus exclusively on adult obscenity cases. That’s right, with the war on terror in full swing, our war president is going to have a group of G-men doing nothing but working the porn beat when they could be tracking down – oh, I don’t know – terrorist sleeper cells.

We see the same loopy sense of right and wrong being played out in the Janet Jackson firestorm. Less than two weeks after the shock and bra of the Super Bowl, Bush’s congressional cronies were already holding hearings on the matter. Compare that to the foot-dragging that followed 9/11. It took 14 months – and a candlelight vigil outside the White House by the victims’ family members – before the president finally relented and the 9/11 Commission was created. Now that’s indecent.

President Bush needs to be a president of ALL the people, not just his conservative cronies and the blind religious right that follows his lead. The people need to wake up and look into the issues that actually matter to our country’s future and not just read catch the latest blurb on Fox news. The real George W. is lying right to our faces and sending the country down the drain; WAKE UP AMERICA!

Nathan Brown Junior 859-468-8216 (c)