Now That We Have Celebrated Valentine’s Day……Now Is The Time To Ban It…..

Hoping That Everybody Has Enjoyed Valentines Day…… Now Has Come The Time To Ban It

Every February 14, we celebrate St. Valentine’s Day. We go about looking at buying flowers for our wives or loved ones that we care most about. It is the holiday of love and romance. It is a time for teddy bears, chocolates, and cards professing Happy Valentine’s Day. When we look and wonder who was St. Valentine and why do we celebrate Valentine’s Day, one can look back in history. Valentine was a Christian martyr, executed in 270 by the Roman Emperor Claudius. The Church sainted Valentine and assigned the 14th of February as St. Valentine’s feast. Valentine was known for his Christian beliefs which defied the Roman worshipping of multiple gods, and was known to hold secret marriages between man and woman which was sanctified by God in holy matrimony.

As we have passed another Valentine’s Day, there are those who believe that the time has come to simply ban Valentine’s Day as being offensive and demeaning towards women. Now, who may you ask wants to ban a holiday devoted to love and caring between men and women designed to promote increased love and understanding to strengthen the bonds of happiness?

None other than the radical feminist movement.

There is nothing more upsetting to the radical feminists than having a holiday dedicated to the love and commitment between men and women. What we can see that these 60’s era bra burners rely on pitting women and men against one another in order to further their leftist agenda. Their agenda consists that women are better without men and there really isn’t a need for the institute of marriage. Hating men is simply an absolute must in order to be a radical feminist. Just to show you how out of touch they have become with the real concerns of women are some examples below.

According to feminist icon Gloria Steinem, “The shape we call a heart resembles the vulva far more than the organ that shares its name… It was reduced from power to romance by centuries of male dominance.” Steinem and other feminists have started a campaign to replace the traditional Valentines Day with Vagina Day, also known as the less descriptive V-Day. Last year V-Day was celebrated on over 150 US campuses, some have even expanded V-Day into V-Month, also tacking on weeks in March and April.

In Letters From A War Zone, feminist poster girl Andrea Dworkin writes, “We are losing… The war is men against women.” She also asserts that the home is the most dangerous place for a woman to be, saying, “Marriage is an institution that is extremely oppressive and dangerous to women.”

The National Organization for Women urges its members to discuss issues of concern on their website message boards. One topic in the “Young Feminists” section asks for women to share stories on their “best revenge against a white male.”

(I wonder how the radical feminists would react if we guys built a website and posted all the incidents that women have cheated on us guys, telling us how much they love us while they are banging our best friend like a storm door in a Florida hurricaneK..heck V my ex hocked my $2000 engagement ring for a measly $600, forced me to work two jobs just to pay child support, and I only get to see my son once a week. Where is the fairness in that?)

Germaine Greer, is a feminist who has preached to mothers to “refuse to marry” in the book classic The Female Eunuch during the 1960’s and is a longtime hater of men has written another book. In The Whole Woman, Greer has moved from her endorsement of promiscuity to a call for women to segregate themselves from men and form their own morally superior society.

What is confusing to me is that there are individuals so embossed within their own miserable lives that they find utter happiness when they can spread that misery to others. I think of the German word Schadenfraude (or something like that) which translated means of the paradoxical joy of spreading misery or the pleasure of misery itself. What benefit would radical feminists actually get if women would be without men? I understand how trendy it has become in bashing males these days as portraying them as being mean, selfish, self-centered by radical feminists, it seems like targeting a day like St. Valentine’s has become quite a huge undertaking in order to pit men versus women and I wish the radical feminists the best in their endeavors.

….and some people wonder why chivalry is dead.