Many hooked on hit show “Friends”

“Friends” Slideshow

After ten seasons on the air, NBC’s hit sitcom “Friends” remains the number-one show on television. As the series nears its end, millions of fans prepare to bid their ‘friends’ a final goodbye, and we reflect upon the special place the sitcom has held in viewers’ hearts for ten years. When the series began in 1994, viewers fell in love with the witty, edgy sitcom and the misadventures of its six main characters, Monica, Ross, Rachel, Chandler, Phoebe and Joey, and took them into our lives as friends of our own. We became enchanted by Courtney Cox-Arquette’s freakishly neat Monica Geller and David Schwimmer’s obsessive-compulsive Ross Geller. We fell head over heels for Matthew Perry’s adorably neurotic Chandler Bing and Matt LeBlanc’s lovable playboy Joey Tribbiani. We identified with Phoebe Buffay’s eccentricities and Rachel Green’s ditzy determination to succeed. We have followed the Rachel and Ross saga through its many ups and downs, holding our breaths that it will end happily. We cried when Phoebe gave birth to her brother’s triplets, and then again when Monica and Chandler made history as the first friends to wed (while sober, at least). We laughed through Joey’s mishaps as a struggling actor, and when Chandler tried unsuccessfully for years to get rid of Janice.

Some unforgettable “Friends” moments include: * The first Rachel and Ross kiss in the rain at Central Perk * Ross’s ex-wife, Carol, and her lesbian lover, Susan * Ross’s mantra: “We were on a break!” * Jon Lovitz’s guest appearance as a stoner restaurant owner * Monica and Chandler’s secret relationship * Phoebe’s big hit, “Smelly Cat” * Joey’s starring role in “Freud!” * Ross and Joey as “nap buddies” * Rachel giving birth to Ross’s daughter, Emma * Brad Pitt as an old classmate who hates Rachel

And for the past several months, we have laughed, cried and held our breaths in anticipation of the final farewell to our television friends. It almost feels like a breakup that you never want to happen, but know is inevitable. And although we don’t know how this relationship will end, we hope that after it is over, we will still have our Friend-ship.