Warm coffee and the arts

Students and faculty members are invited to attend a Coffee House Sunday, Nov. 10, at 8 p.m. in Norse Commons room 117.

University Housing is sponsoring the event which will feature poetry readings, performances, and art.

The Coffee House came about when Dr. Nicole Grant of the Sociology Department found that students in her classes had a lot of things they wanted to share concerning the anniversary of the attacks on Sept. 11 and thought others should be able to share pieces that relate to society.

Two of her students, juniors Jennifer Rison and Wendy Warm, offered to help organize the event.

“I really like the idea of people expressing themselves through poetry, more specifically, spoken word poetry,” Warm said.

“Giving people the chance to be heard in a non-threatening environment is crucial to their development as active citizens. I decided to work on the committee so I could make sure this event would actually take place,” Warm said.

Rison is a Resident Assistant in the dorms and arranged for the Coffee House to be held in Norse Commons. University Housing is also providing coffee and snacks.

So far the Coffee House is only scheduled for Nov. 10, but if it is successful it may be continued in future semesters.

“The main focus is to provide a space for people to showcase their own poetry, art or to perform a piece that is both meaningful to them and sociologically significant,” Warm said.

For more information, or if you would like to present something at the Coffee House, contact:

Jennifer Rison at rison@nku or Wendy Warm at wendywarm@hotmail.com.