Extended Coverage: Greeks reach out to expand membership

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As the sorority recruitment period comes to an end and the fraternity recruitment gets started, students are showing a great interest in the 15 chapters offered at NKU, including the two newest chapters: Sigma Phi Epsilon Colony and Kappa Delta Colony.

NKU’s Office of Student Life sent all incoming freshmen a booklet entitled “The Greek Community” that contains information about how to join a fraternity or sorority, the goals and purposes of the Greek community, recruitment dates and an overview of each chapter at the university.

Junior Stuart MacKenzie, who joined Phi Kappa Tau last year, said he wanted to join a fraternity during his freshman year, but did not have enough information to register in time. He said he thinks recruitment is being handled better this year because “they put more signs up and they have booths out more often.”

According to “The Greek Community,” fraternities and sororities provide students with opportunities to learn time management, leadership and social skills, achieve scholastic goals, make life-long friends, get involved in campus activities and become an active member of the community.

The booklet continues: “Each chapter focuses on national philanthropies, but all donate time and money to several charities.”

Sophomore Amber Callihan was initiated into Delta Gamma last year. “I joined because I live two hours away and I thought it would be a great way to meet new people and get involved on campus,” Callihan said. “Plus I heard it looks good on a resume.”

All of the chapters have long lists of awards and accomplishments to boast. This is partly because the members are considered well-rounded people and have to be in good academic standing before they can even join, the booklet states.

The basic requirements for registering include being a full-time student at NKU enrolled in at least 12 hours, and meeting a GPA requirement. The recruitment registration form asks that students list their “high school or cumulative college GPA, activities and honors, other colleges attended, major, and names and fraternity/sorority affiliation of relatives.”

Three sororites, Alpha Kappa Alpha, Delta Sigma Theta and Zeta Phi Beta, and two fraternities, Phi Beta Sigma and Alpha Pi Alpha, will hold separate recruitment weeks.

The remaining sororities and fraternites will hold recruitment weeks together. Sororoity recruitment was held Friday Sept. 5 through Monday Sept. 8.

Fraternity recruitment begins Sunday, Sept 13, and runs through Thursday, Sept. 18.

Junior Brian Carpenter is the president of Phi Beta Sigma, Inc., a fraternity that started on campus in 2000. He said that the number of students who rush each year varies, but there is not a limit as to how many students can be inducted.

For more information, go to the Student Life page: www.nku.edu/~studentlife/