Story: “DPS gains Ky Accreditation”

This doesn’t need to be something you run as a proper letter to the editor; it’s more of a suggestion that might have helped this story out a bit more. While on the Northerner staff, it was a constant hassle dealing with the DPS. The flow of information from DPS was negligible and sporadic at best, and if I remember correctly, the main reason they gave for restricting the flow of information was that all cases were “still under investigation.” Regardless, it was an avoidance of responding to Kentucky Open Records laws. The fact that for many years the DPS never solved any cases (at least none they were willing to report) is something that bore mention in the story, since this was part of the reasons for the major overhaul of the department. I might suggest a follow-up story addressing how DPS is doing their job (better??) now as opposed to how they weren’t doing their job then. Just a suggestion, and happy hunting! Thanks, Peter W. Zubaty Northerner Copy Editor 1999-2000 Northerner Executive Editor 2000-2001

current Sports Editor Commonwealth Journal Somerset, Ky.