DPS reports

FEB 3 2004 Tuesday 9:27 a.m. Classification: THEFT – Theft/Larceny From a Building Under $300 Location: ALBRIGHT HEALTH CENTER Disposition: Under Investigation Summary: Subject reported the theft of items from the listed location.

FEB 2 2004 Monday 6:55 p.m. Classification: MEDICAL RESPONSE – Squad Location: LANDRUM BUILDING – Fourth Floor Disposition: Closed Summary: Medical assistance was requested for a subject at the listed location. Officers and the Central Campbell County Squad responded. Subject was transported to St. Elizabeth Hospital South for further evaluation and treatment.

FEB 2 2004 Monday 9:30 a.m. Classification: DECAL – Lost/Stolen Decal Location: OFF CAMPUS Disposition: Closed Summary: Subject reported a 2004 NKU parking permit missing from a vehicle following an off campus auto accident. Report filed for replacement by the Parking Office.

FEB 2 2004 Monday 12:10 a.m. Classification: TRAFFIC – Vehicle Stop Location: NUNN DRIVE Disposition: Closed Summary: Officer observed a vehicle being operated at a high rate of speed. Driver was issued a Kentucky State Citation for Speeding.