The Moon Ain’t Iraq

Dear Editor,

“The Moon Ain’t Iraq” contains more than just vernacular problems so out of round with what a university should be printing that the author, in a fit of pride, was tagged as “Staff”. Factual errors are abundant, and shortsightedness is not an attribute one would expect to find in the university environment.

Our stalled space program has produced more than Tang. The very technology used to disseminate Mr/Ms “Staff’s” literary refuse came from it. And one to eleven billion dollars? We give more than that to our avowed enemies in the form of foreign aid every year.

It is apparent that Mr/Ms “Staff”, with no obvious background in economics, science, the humanities, history, etc., would rather return to the days of mediocrity (AKA “Pre-Bush”) that led to the war he/she can’t seem to comprehend had its genesis beyond our shores, and not in Crawford, Texas. The Mr/Ms “Staff” considers him/herself to be a part of an institution of learning, but shows to be apparently against any advancement of knowledge, is a dichotomy almost beyond belief. Not that he/she asked for my advice, but then, I didn’t ask for his/hers, so here it is anyway: Enlist. Leave your cushy campus setting for a spell and go out into the world that you may learn about it. You won’t find it in your student union building or at the latest anti-Republican protest march. Those people don’t know anything. Rub elbows with those who do.

Oh, and learn proper English.

Dennis Fishel Freshman, anthropology