Hot Seat: Connie Myers

Tim Downer

This week John Rasp sits down to interview women’s basketball player, Connie Myers. JR: How did you end up at NKU? CM: Brian Neal saw me play at a tournament in Indiana and recruited me. I went to IU my freshman year and I didn’t play basketball so I decided to transfer because I missed the game.

JR: Having teammates coming from Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana, what state has the best high school basketball? CM: Definitely Indiana.

JR: What NKU player talks the most trash? CM: Probably Sharell Snardon, but it is always funny. We’re always just laughing at her.

JR: What’s the weirdest injury you’ve experienced? CM: We were at my house and my mom asks me a question about a movie. And I answered Antonio Banderas and I was being stupid and said “trivia point for me”. As I was running through the house swinging my arms my hand cracked into the wall really hard. And I fell into my sisters room with my hand really puffy. I had just been released from my doctor on Friday for a torn ACL, but had to go back with a broken hand.

JR: What teams fans, gives NKU basketball players the most trouble? CM: It’s probably Kentucky Wesleyan, because Coach Winstel always ropes off a section right behind the bench so their fans won’t taunt us.

JR: When you were recruited by NKU, what were your first impressions of Coach Winstel? CM: When I was on my visit to NKU, everyone treated me real nice and was very welcoming. On my recruiting visit, Coach Winstel explained about the hard work it took in being a basketball player.

JR: What player is most likely to get a technical foul before the season is over? CM: You could maybe say me because a lot of my fouls are hard. But I don’t really think one of us will get one before the season is over. JR: Jessica Brock said that she would beat Coach Neal in a one-on-one game by pushing him around. Would you also beat him? CM: I do beat him every day in practice. He’s always trying to guard me in the post but he can’t.

JR: When are you going to make your first three-point basket? CM: My last three point shot only made it halfway to the basket. So, I guess I’m going to have to surprise you.