DPS reports

JAN 27 2004 Tuesday 2:07 p.m. Classification: MEDICAL RESPONSE – No Squad Location: FINE ARTS – Third Floor Disposition: Closed Summary: Subject requested transportation to the University Nurse’s office following an ankle injury.

JAN 27 2004 Tuesday 11:31 a.m. Classification: TOW – Vehicle Tow Location: ADMINISTRATION STRIP – Reserved Parking Space Disposition: Closed Summary: An illegally parked vehicle was towed from the listed location at the space owner’s request.

JAN 27 2004 Tuesday 10:18 a.m. Classification: PROPERTY DAMAGE Location: 421 JOHNS HILL ROAD – Garage Disposition: Closed Summary: The garage door at the listed location was struck by a snow plow. The building is already scheduled for demolition.

JAN 27 2004 Tuesday 9:26 a.m. Classification: AUTO ACCIDENT – No Injuries Location: PARKING LOT T Disposition: Closed Summary: A non-injury accident involving two (2) vehicles occurred at the listed location. Both vehicles remained in service.