Tuition increase

To the editor of the Northerner:

How dare the board of regents consider a 15 – 20 percent increase in our tuition and then accept forty-three million dollars from the state to build a new arena as was reported in the Kentucky Post on January 27? The board of regents needs to tell the state they want to use that money to help ALL of the students by keeping tuition down for everyone.

Why does the board of regents want a new arena? So that the basketball teams can switch to division one status, that’s why!

Why should the athletic department get what they want at the expense of all of the other students on campus? They shouldn’t. The athletic department should have to endure the same cuts as everyone else. They should not get a new arena while the rest of us are facing a huge increase in tuition. That puts the cost of it directly onto the backs of every student at NKU. We are paying for it with this proposed tuition increase!

Something needs to be done about that right now! I, for one am going to protest loud and long to President Votruba and the board of regents. I urge every student to do the same.

Jeff Foster Freshman/ Secondary Education in Social Studies (859) 442-7006