Hot seat

Tim Downer

This week, John Rasp sits down with men’s senior basketball player, Jessie Rupe.

Rasp: Who would give you the toughest one-on-one game on the team? Rupe: Toughest one-on-one game would probably be Mike Kelsey because I would have to guard him outside. Then if I guarded him close he would just go around me.

Rasp: What was the most exciting game you’ve ever played in? Rupe: Our win down at Kentucky Wesleyan last year. It was the first time that Coach Shields beat them down there. It felt like we won the national championship.

Rasp: Do you have any superstitions? Rupe: I have a lot of superstitions. I do a lot of the same routine. During the national anthem I have a certain spot on the free throw line that I always stand on. Coach Shields has definitely rubbed off on me.

Rasp: Who’s the best dunker on the team? Rupe: Probably Kevin Reinhardt.

Rasp: Who wins in a three-point competition between you and Coach Bezold? Rupe: Coach Bezold would probably beat me. I haven’t seen him shoot lately, but he used to be a good shooter.

Rasp: Who is the toughest player you’ve had to guard in a game? Rupe: Jason Wright from Indianapolis was probably the strongest. He made it pretty tough on me playing him.

Rasp: How did you choose the number 40? Rupe: I was number 42 in high school, but when I came in here Adam Norwell had it. I didn’t want something in the 50’s, so since 40 was available I took it.

Rasp: Fact or Fiction: NKU will make the NCAA tournament? Rupe: Fact.

Rasp: Fact or Fiction: You will receive at least one technical foul this season? Rupe: I’ll say fact. I’ll probably lose my cool sometime and get one. I haven’t got one yet at Northern though.

Rasp: Fact or Fiction: Kentucky Wesleyan is the hardest place to play on the road? Rupe: I’d say fact. Not only do their fans get into it, but they usually have their hometown referees down there. Rasp: Who’s the best dressed men’s basketball player? Rupe: Probably Steve Purdon. He’s Mr. GQ.

Rasp: What player on the team gets all of the girls? Rupe: Not me.