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Detainees held unjustly

Staff Editorial The News Record (U. Cincinnati)

(U-WIRE) CINCINNATI – Usually when war is waged, the reasoning behind it is too complex to be explained in one word, or one cause.

The present situation America is tangled up in with Iraq is such a case.

If 100 politicians were asked why we went to war with Iraq there would surely be a list of answers.

This list would likely include such items as protecting freedom and individual liberties.

Upholding the tenets of the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights would almost certainly be included as well.

Making America safe and protecting foreign interests would also be present.

Resorting to violence for the lump sum of the above reasons could be deemed fighting to protect our way of life.

Under these circumstances, noting that the administration that declared this war (and gave us these reasons) has violated such basic principles makes our nation appear hypocritical, and less than truthful.

Soon after Sept. 11, the government began secretly arresting individuals believed to pose a threat to the United States.

In some aspects, it is very similar to the oft-maligned KGB in Moscow.

Thousands of individuals have been taken into custody for various reasons.

Families are unable to find out any information about their loved ones.

All information that pertains to these arrests, such as who’s being held and why, has been restricted.

It has even gone as far as omitting names of those being held from the prison rosters.

The Supreme Court’s decision to ignore petitions and permit secret detention to continue is as disappointing as it is scary.

Where did our rights go relating to freedom of speech and the Freedom of Information Act?

A report released in June said that of the 762 people arrested for illegal immigration, many have been detained for more than the 90-day maximum as stated in our laws.

After 90 days, the person must be deported or set free.

It seems that the government is using the prisoners’ illegal alien status as a way to cover their backs should they not find sufficient evidence against the individual.

The government claims that only a few of the detainees are on gag orders from the courts.

Therefore the government believes it is not withholding information, which can be released by the detainees. However, no one knows who the detainees are or where they are being held.

Many citizens feel that since they appear American and have no recent visits to Afghanistan or Palestine on their passports, they have no reason to fear such blanket enforcement of martial law.

If one day people with last names beginning with “Mc” became the next group of people selected for secret detention would they would be equally powerless to stop it?

There have been several reports of abuse and prisoner mistreatment.

With no information being released and proper jail rosters not being kept, how can we hold anyone accountable for their actions?

The secrecy is giving the government a free pass to do as they wish.

When all is said and done, there will be no evidence to fall back on to correct the corrupted links in the system.

With the Supreme Court’s refusal to consider the plight of those secretly incarcerated, the road is paved, and the legal documents supposedly in place to protect our liberties will end up crumpled and blown under the guardrail.