The March for Women’s Lives

I would like to address this letter to any of the students on our campus that are interested in fighting for a woman’s right to choose a safe, legal abortion.

Since President Bush has been in office, he has put women’s reproductive freedoms in jeopardy. Roe vs. Wade hangs by a thread and is dangerously close to being overturned if just one more anti-choice justice is appointed to the Supreme Court. Women will be forced to back alleys if this happens.

On April 25, 2004, the biggest pro-choice rally in decades will happen in Washington DC. So far, 7,693 people have signed up go. There are also monthly meetings for this March and the people who have signed up to attend. My meetup is in the Cincinnati OH region. Every month, our meetings are cancled because we don’t have enough people who know about the March. It’s really discouraging!

I am asking anyone who is interested to visit to sign up for the March. I would also like anyone who wants to attend meetups to discuss our agendas, fundraising, etc to visit and find your city’s meetup and meet the other choicers in your area.

The more people we have, the better chance we have at being heard. March for your life.

-Brandi Dalhover Undeclared Major, Freshmen