Newspaper goals


This space is usually reserved for your feedback concerning campus events and issues and The Northerner’s coverage of them.

This week, I would like to turn the tables and provide you with my goals for the newspaper this semester, as well as the changes we have made in its format.

This newspaper is published by and for Northern Kentucky University students. It is my goal to bring more coverage of students and their concerns to the pages of The Northerner in the next five months. In an effort to achieve this goal, the staff has made some changes to the format and content of the newspaper.

We now accept editorial submissions from students. In the past, staff members have written editorials for this page, or we have used editorial submissions from a national college wire service. However, we believe that this page should be a forum for students’ opinions and for university-related issues.

If you have an opinion on anything – from a local or world event or issue, to campus events and issues – you can now submit an editorial to be published on this page.

We decided to allow editorial submissions from students in an effort to better reflect the concerns, values and beliefs of all students.

Letters to the editor have traditionally been the only way students could provide feedback and opinions to The Northerner, and we will continue that practice. Letters to the editor can be written on a variety of topics, from your opinion on articles in The Northerner, to your opinion on campus events and issues.

Editorials can be written on college-related topics as well, but also on national, world and local events, issues and concerns.

Editorials are not news stories, but opinions backed up with facts. They are not letters to the editor because they should not address current campus issues, Northerner articles, or previously published letters to the editor. They should be 600 words or less.

We look forward to hearing your opinions and feedback this semester, and to achieving our goal of better representing NKU students.