Fair helps freshmen, others choose major

Nearly 600 students made their way through University Center Ballroom on Oct. 30, hoping to gain more information about Northern Kentucky University departments at the fifth annual Major and Minor Fair.

The event, sponsored by the Career Development Center, the Office of First-Year Programs, and the Academic Advising Resource Center, was an opportunity for students to learn more information about the majors offered at NKU, according to Marcia Miller, assistant director of the CDC.

“Where else do you get a chance to have all the majors in one area?” she said. “You can go table to table and find out what those majors do – what they’re all about.”

History professor Sue Deluca believes this day helps students who may be hesitant about going out and contacting people on their own.

“It takes a lot for someone to actually go to a professor’s office or make an appointment,” she said, “Here, they’re right on the spot.

Peg Adams, faculty member in the Office of First-Year Programs, led the planning committee for the event.

Adams said the event was a collaboration between many people.

“The whole staff is on board,” she said. “(They) created an inviting atmosphere where students feel welcome. (This event) is such a huge collaboration between many people.”

Miller also stressed the importance of the faculty’s cooperation.

“We can’t do this without faculty support,” she said. “This event relies heavily on their involvement, and we’ve been real fortunate.”

Although Miller thought there was a good distribution of students present, the majority of attendees were freshmen. “I want this event to be open to everybody,” she said, “(but) I have to admit it’s a little tailored to the freshmen because they’re such an easy market to advertise to.”

Adams and her committee targeted UNV 101 classes, providing sheets with questions for them to ask.

“(Students) can go in there feeling a little bit more secure about what to ask,” she said

UNV 101 professor Elizabeth Harris brought her students over during class time.

“Most of my students are undeclared, so this is a really good opportunity for them,” she said. “Most of them, by this point, have decided where they want to start as far as a major, but they haven’t talked to anyone in that particular office, so this gives them a chance to do that.”

The registrar was available at the fair for the first time, enabling students to change or declare a major on the spot.

“It’s gotten bigger and better,” said Fran Zaniello, faculty member at First-Year Programs.

“There’s some really cool stuff (here) that make the majors seem a lot more interesting than they do on paper,” added Miller.

The presentations are much more impressive than in the past.

“It’s more festive – the people have gotten into it,” Adams said.

“I think (the turnout) has been fabulous,” said Director of First-Year Programs Vicki Stieha. “I haven’t noticed any dead time. It seems like the students are really interacting.”