Voter apathy is the issue, not politics

To the editor,

I sit here in my office at NKU and laugh as I read a letter to the editor written by Sharon Schuchter (published Nov. 12) concerning Mr. Noah Meeks’ letter (published Oct. 29), on the recent election.

Ms. Schuchter must realize that the real problem is not Noah’s opinion about the election, his potential to sway votes or the timing of the publication.

The real problem is the voter apathy among college students. How can one sway votes when no one is voting?

I currently teach a University 101 course and offered my students extra credit for voting on Tuesday. I stated up front I don’t care which party – just vote.

I was aghast to learn only one student was able to vote, because the rest of the class was not even regisitered, and many had no idea there was even an election going on. All were uninformed on who to vote for.

Personally, I think Ms. Schuchter should be more concerned about voter turnout among college students than the freedom any one individual has to voice his political opinion.

At least Mr. Meeks is somewhat informed on something involving politics.

The real risk for all college students in Kentucky was that neither candidate had committed to an invested commitment to making NKU a top priority in Frankfort.

Isn’t time that we look at the real issues in politics, not just the party lines?

Anita Zike Adkins Support Specialist Student Support Services