Save money with nice, cheap Christmas presents

Black Friday, the name used by stores for the day after Thanksgiving, is the biggest shopping day of the year, when the mad dash for Christmas shopping begins. Many college students are strapped for cash, and it is hard to find inexpensive, yet nice, presents for those special someones. Here are a few solutions to this money dilemma, with gifts under $30.

Clothing Everyone needs to have them, so giving someone a sweater is a great idea. Many places in the mall have holiday sales, so it is not hard to find the perfect match. A hoodie from American Eagle comes in a variety of colors and styles, starting at $29.95. Or pick up a crochet skullcap, which starts at $12.95. These gifts can be found at American Eagle Outfitters at the malls and online at Old Navy has performance fleece scarves and caps beginning at $7.50 each. Abercrombie ‘ Fitch offers winter necklaces that are available in many styles, starting at $14.50. To add a little romance in your life, Bloomingdale’s online at offer a pair of monogrammed thongs for $19.

Accessories Accessories accent clothing and are a great present by themselves. Old Navy’s sherpa messenger bag has stylish embroidery, a soft texture and cost $19.50. Chain of Love is a sterling-silver, floating heart pendant is available online for $20 at It is a gift many a loved one will appreciate.

Something Different If purchasing clothing and bags makes you cringe, try something different with a Whoopie Pie. The Oprah Winfrey show recently featured this freshly baked chocolate pie with cr