Eagles and Bengals look for victories in week 14

Dallas Cowboys at Philadelphia Eagles

At the beginning of the season no one expected the Cowboys to be tied with the Eagles for the division crown. It’s usually the Giants and the Eagles fighting it out. The ‘Boys are back and will be for quite awhile with Bill Parcells at the helm. The Eagles are back as well. After the first two weeks of the season everyone criticized Donovan McNabb for his poor play, but now he is on fire and has the Eagles soaring. Could this game be the preview of the NFC championship? We will see this Sunday. In Week 6, the Cowboys beat the Eagles at home. They are one of few teams that have held McNabb in check. It’s hard to believe this trend will continue this Sunday afternoon. In their first meeting, the Eagles were missing most of their secondary due to injuries. Now the big three Pro Bowlers (Brian Dawkins, Bobby Taylor and Troy Vincent) are healthy and seeking revenge. This game will be a low scoring affair. McNabb is doing it not only with his arm but with his feet as well. Can Dallas contain him again is the big question? I don’t think they will this time around, but expect Parcells to send the ‘Boys after him all game. The Eagles to pull this game out in the end. If the Eagles win this game and their next four, the road to the NFC championship will have to go through Philly. Prediction: Eagles 17 Cowboys 10

Cincinnati Bengals at the Baltimore Ravens

“Who dey, who dey, who dey think goin’ to beat those Bengals?” Fans haven’t heard this phrase in 13 years since the Bengals’ last playoff appearance. This game could be the deciding game for the AFC North division. Earlier this season the Bengals hung 33 points on the Ravens defense. I think Cincy can do it again. The Ravens defense is overrated. Seattle torched them for 41 points two weeks ago and the Rams scored 33 points on them the week before. The Ravens front seven is very solid, but it’s their secondary that hasn’t played well. Keep an eye on the matchup of the day between Chad Johnson and Chris McAlister. I think Johnson will have a big game against McAlister. Kitna needs to stay away from the turnovers and throw away from Ray Lewis. The tackling machine, Lewis, will be fired up for this one and will want revenge. The Bengals will need to get the running game going, as well, if they want to have a chance. Bengals must be aware of Anthony Wright; he resurrected his career with a 300-yard passing game a couple weeks ago. If the Bengals can spy him and shut down Jamal Lewis, then they should win. Lewis will get his usual 100-yard game. This game will be decided in the fourth quarter. Kitna and the Benagls will upset the Ravens at home on a last-minute field goal. Prediction: Bengals 27 Ravens 24