Cowboys and Panthers face off; Titans may win

Dallas Cowboys vs. Carolina Panthers What an outstanding job Bill Parcells has done with the Cowboys this year. Are the ‘Boys back?

So far this season it has seemed that way. You can’t overlook the job John Fox has done in Carolina this season. No one expected them to sweep the defending Super Bowl champions this year. Who would have thought, going into this season, that both of these two teams would be at the top of their divisions?

You can’t say enough about the job Stephen Davis has done for the Panthers. He seems to be a perfect fit for their smashmouth-type of offense. I look for Davis to get his 25-35 carries against a very talented young Cowboy’s defense. This will be a very low-scoring game and a game of field position.

The Panthers will continue to run Davis between the tackles until someone can stop him, which hasn’t happened yet. I look for Davis to get another 100-yard rushing game and for the Panther’s defense to rattle Quincy Carter and the Cowboys offense.

Prediction: Panthers 14 Cowboys 10

Tennessee Titans at the Atlanta Falcons

This is my blowout game of the week! One more week, Falcons fans, until you get your Michael Vick back. I know the city of Atlanta will be excited. If you are a Falcons fan, I think you would want to turn this game off and just wait until next week when you get your quarterback back. This game could get ugly real quick. The Falcons did beat the New York Giants a couple weeks ago, thanks to Tiki Barber’s fumbling problems, but I don’t see the Falcons getting lucky again and beating Steve McNair (this year’s MVP) and the Titans.

The Titans are on the roll and McNair is putting up career-high numbers in the passing game. I look for McNair to throw for over 200 yards in the first half then sit most of the second half. This could be the breakout game that the fading Eddie George needs to resurrect his career. I look for him to get 100 yards.

I would have given the Falcons a chance if Vick was playing. How much do the Falcons miss Vick? Just look at their record and passing stats. Their last three games, they have been averaging 150 yards passing, which won’t win you too many games in the NFL. I like the Titans in a romp.

Prediction: Titans 34 Falcons 13