Artwork benefits library

Since the beginning of November, students have had a chance to help the Steely Library as well as further their knowledge in the world of art.

Steely Library’s Archives opened to John A. Ruthven on Nov. 8. Ruthven is an artist, but he is also a naturalist, an author, and a lecturer.

In 1971, he founded Wildlife Internationale’ Inc., which enabled him to publish some of his limited edition prints.

“His work is different from some of the other artists I have seen at NKU,” Andrea Smith, sophomore, education major.

Ruthven is an internationally known artist, having had his paintings unveiled and displayed by Presidents Gerald R. Ford, Ronal Reagan and George Bush in the White House.

Frank Stallings, president of Friends of Steely Library said he is happy to have the opportunity to have such a well-known artist displayed at Northern Kentucky University.

The reason we were alloted this oppurtunity Stallings said was due to the fact that Ruthven is familiar with campus.

“He’s a friend of the university,” said Stallings. “He was born in the Cincinnati area.”

On display are 21 original paintings by Ruthven. Although they vary in size, all of the paintings are of different wildlife scenes.

“I am moved by the fact that there is so much detail,” Stallings said.

While at the exhibit if you notice a painting that catches your eye and you wish to purchase it, on Nov. 22 the art will be going on sale.

Students should know that part of the proceeds from the exhibit will benefit the Steely Library.

When students visit the exhibit they will receive a folder with pictures of Ruthven’s prints, which are also available to buy.

If you are not interested in buying, just take time to look around and notice some of the beautiful paintings in the room.

Stallings said that one of the smallest paintings; “White Foot Mouse On a Moral Mushroom” is his favorite.

He added that he thinks some of Ruthven’s paintings of birds are the most detailed and therefore the most interesting.

The exhibit began Nov. 9 and will continue through Nov. 22. The display is open Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:15 p.m., or by appointment by calling (859) 572-5863.

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