Racism is not just a white issue

To the editor,

Once again we see racism with it’s ever reaching tentacles, this time, wrapping itself around our Northern Kentucky University.

I read with great interest, incredulity, anger, disgust and sarcastic snickering, “Arrests prompt racial concerns.” in the Nov. 5 Northerner.

This article centers on a freshman female, whose name is not necessary for this opinion letter.

Apparently, this young, “African American” freshperson, lifted a cup from the student cafeteria at Norse Commons. (Please note article on page 2 of the same publication: “Theft Plagues Campus”).

Granted, Ms. African American freshperson likely felt that stealing a simple plastic cup was an insignificant act, but as the paper states, thefts add up.

But the misdemeanor was not focus of this article nor will it be the focus of my letter today.

According to The Northerner, the small time criminal “felt threatened by being approached by officers of a different race.”

With this statement, she generalizes not only a stereotype against Northern Kentucky police, but whites as well.

Such an overwhelming generalization is on the face, racist.

It’s stated that in the black community, there is a perception of bias by white police against the black population.

It sounds though, that there is a bias among the black community as to those who hold the position of protecting our school and society in general.

Blacks today have much more racist views than whites and are more likely to pronounce their bigotry as well as more likely to get away with their racist comments and diatribes.

Before we, as Americans of all races, can start a true and meaningful dialogue, we must first admit that there lies culpability in all sides.

And thank (insert your God here), that Brandon Hill, vice president of Students Together Against Racism is tackling the problem.

Anti-Racism training for all. I’m sure all includes all whites, as is known, we are the only perpetrators of racism in the United States.

It is not up to the police, Northern Kentucky University nor the white community to allay the mostly imagined perception of blacks toward whites.

Facts are facts.

It’s time someone stands up and states that racism is not exclusive to whites in America nor the western countries.

In fact, some of the few states that still practice slavery are states in Africa.

The west was the first region in the world to abolish slavery. They realized the error of their ways and for most in society today, we are all considered equal in law.

Yes, racism still exists and in fact, always will.

But until “African Americans” bring their prejudices to the table and quit blaming “the man” for “keeping them down”, there will never be the progress we all hope for…only continued resentment from many on all sides.

Joe Wanninger Post-baccalaureate, Political science