‘XIII’ adds a comic book feel to new video game

Imagine waking up one day and having no recollection of who you are or what you have done. “XIII” has been mysteriously tattooed on your chest, while your pocket holds a key to a New York City bank box. And, to make matters worse, the president has been killed and the authorities say you shot him. Now you are on the run. What is going on? Did you kill the president or is it a conspiracy?

This is the life of the title character for the upcoming game XIII. As you play through the game, you are forced to uncover clues, hide from the authorities and kill or be killed.

The game delivers great graphics with unique cel-shading, which gives it a comic book look. However, the controls are difficult to get the hang of, and the excruciatingly long load times make the player want to throw the controller across the room. Meanwhile, the loading screen displays an obnoxious ‘tat-tat-tat,’ as if shooting at some invisible character.

XIII is a first-person shooter game reminiscent of Medal of Honor: Front-line and Hitman 2, and there is an optional two-player segment of the game.

Actors David Duchovny and Adam West have lent their voices to the video game’s main characters. Duchovny voices the title character (name never given), while West speaks for the General Carrington. Also looking to get in on the action is musician Eve, whose character is the sexy Major Jones

If you can get through the loathsome written words such as “Kablam!” or “Pow,” this is a great game. It’s kind of ironic that Adam West is involved in this cheesy, comic book game, huh?

XIII has all the wonderful qualities of an M-rated video game – violence, foul language, and a groovy soundtrack that will make you think you are in a Foxy Brown movie.

The game is set to release in stores on November 11 for Playstation 2, and November 18 for XBOX and Gamecube. If you are willing to throw down $5 towards a reserve, however, Gamestop offers a demo disc and the soundtrack for free.