No action taken by SGA on ethics issue

Despite student response that questioned the ethical implications of a letter published last month in The Northerner, no action has yet been taken to address the Student Government Association officer who submitted the piece, which contained previously published material.

Some senators have expressed frustration at what is seen as a lack of priority placed on confronting the issue, which has prompted numerous student letters to the editor.

Daniel Moore, senator and member of the Ethics and Funding Committee, said, “I’ve been looking into the issue to try to get people to understand how important the issue of plagiarism is, but it has been met with almost (universal) resistance.”

Trey Orndorff, an SGA executive board member, wrote a letter to the editor of The Northerner protesting a visit by author Barbara Ehrenreich, who he accused of being a socialist. After publication, it was discovered that approximately 60 percent of the piece was lifted directly from a column published July 22, 2003 on FrontPage by author Michael Tremoglie.

“I’m not taking action one way or the other,” said SGA President Chris Pace.