Letter is just partisan promo

To the editor,

The letter written by student Noah D. Meeks sounded like a cheesy political advertisement. I did however notice he is the President of the NKU student Republican organization.

Now don’t get me wrong, I consider myself more of a conservative politically, and I vote for Republican candidates more often than I do the Democratic ones. But crap IS crap and I question if “letter” is apropriate use of the Letter to the Editor space? Was he charged advertising rates?

I’m expecting next to see a letter submitted by the student president of the Campus Democrats, NKU Democrats, or whatever their group name is at this school. I’m equally as sure that it will be yet another cheesy form letter feel piece of work as the last one was.

Maybe this one will say “courtesy of the DNC” at the bottom of it? People appreciate honesty. Maybe we’re on to something here? Both parties, as of late, seem to give us the same garbage when all is said and done. As voting Americans it’s ultimately our fault, and we need to expect and demand real substance from our politicians regardless of party affiliation. It’s our duty and responsibility.

Where are the independents? Where are the students who want more than a form letter party statement thinly veiled as an authentic concerned student letter? Let’s ask real questions and demand real answers out of our politicians and for that matter their junior representatives here on our campus as well.

I guess on that note my first question(s) to Mr. Meeks is what’s your candidate really going to do about Kentucky’s lack of education budget spending? What’s he really going to do about good paying manufacturing jobs leaving the state and being replaced by $9 an hour service jobs, and the ripple effect this has on other sectors of the economy, in addition to education, and public services? These are real concerns that demand real answers.

Let’s talk about a plan, real answers to these pressing questions and not some cheesy gloss-over that reads like a campaign advertisement that tries to spin itself off as a letter to the editor? You may not like what I had to say, but at least this letter is a REAL letter to the editor.

Derek Weimer