Hot seat

This Week Elias Hajjar sits down with women’s basketball coach Nancy Winstel. Elias Hajjar: Pretend you can see the future. How will the season end for the Lady Norse basketball team? Nancy Winstel: That’s a tough one. I hope our players will be playing great defense, executing well on offense, and put ourselves in a position to be successful.

EH: Who do you think will have the biggest impact on the team this season? NW: We are so team oriented, I think on any given night it would be a variety of different players. We don’t have an established star, but I think we have stars in the making.

EH: Out of all the players you’ve ever coached at NKU, who do you wish you still had on your team? NW: Michelle Cottrell. She is the best player I’ve ever coached. She is skilled, she has a great heart and she’s a great competitor. Those types of players come along once in a lifetime.

EH: If a game came down to the final shot, who would get the ball? NW: If we get the ball inside, Sharell [Snardon] or Connie [Meyers]. If we go outside, Jessica Brock right now.

EH: Coach Shields announced his retirement at the end of this season. Do you believe NKU will ever have a better men’s basketball coach than him? NW: No. Ken did so much for his players. It will be tough to find someone better. Hopefully [NKU] can bring someone who will stay and do as good of a job.

EH: Fact or fiction: The women’s team can shoot better than the men’s team? NW: Fiction. The men’s team has some really good shooters.

EH: Fact or fiction: This year’s team is better than last years? NW: Fiction. Right now it’s too early. We haven’t done anything.

EH: NKU will turn Division I and build a new basketball arena while you are still coaching the women’s team? NW: If I live that long, Fact.