Apollo shows off NKU talent with style and flair

Once again the lights, the music, the spectators, the performances and the help behind the scenes was a success for the 4th annual Apollo, held at Northern Kentucky University’s Greaves Concert Hall on Nov. 1.

The Norsin’ Around event was sponsored by Black United Students (BUS) and featured talents performed by students from the school and surrounding area. The event was based upon the television show, “Showtime at the Apollo”, and had many similarities.

There were ten acts that performed on stage. Each group brought its own personal flare to the theatre. Some danced, sang, played instruments, or pantomimed.

The crowd which was made up of quite a mixture of people that consisted of family, friends, NKU students, faculty and staff members, visitors from various colleges, and children of all ages. Each person had the power to show his disapproval of a group by serenaded them with “boos”.

The “boos” made some of the performers nervous especially Kim Lewis, one of the dancers from a group that performed. “We were backstage watching the other groups, and when we were performing I was hoping for us all to do well and to not get booed,” she said.

The crowd also had the power to choose the winner for the night’s festivities. The lucky man was Jerome Johnson. His ability to play the piano and work the crowd with his rendition of Jaheim’s “Forever” made him $100 richer.

Apollo Night not only made Johnson a richer man, but it touched the heart of many people.

Renita Springfield, a participant of the Black United Students and a member of the Apollo committee, was nearly in tears because of the great support of the crowd, participants backstage, and her peers who aided in preparation for Apollo Night. Springfield repeated many times, “This is so beautiful! I am so happy things turned out the way they did.” Indeed Apollo Night was a night to remember.

Kendall Yancey, the master of ceremonies kept the crowd intrigued as he presented each act on to the stage.

After the performance, Rensha Reeder, president of BUS, acknowledged, congratulated and thanked everyone participating in Apollo Night.

“It wouldn’t have been an Apollo Night without you. You are all winners in our book,” Reeder said.

Reeder was very pleased with the turnout of the program, which, she said, was a success.