Phi Taus: Offense not intended

To the editor:

Last month, our chapter sponsored a series of events as part of Fall 2003 IFC recruitment programming.

We are appreciative of those students who supported us through their attendance and involvement, and congratulate all the men who chose to affiliate with a fraternity.

Unfortunately, we offended some members of our NKU community, through one of our recent events, Jell-O wrestling.

In an effort to demonstrate “creativity” in recruitment programming, we offered that event, along with Corn Hole, “Pop-a-Shot” Basketball and Grapefruit Baseball on Tuesday, Sept. 16.

The mission of Phi Kappa Tau, founded in 1906 at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, is to champion a lifelong commitment to brotherhood, learning, ethical leadership and exemplary character.

In nearly 100 years, we have grown to include more than 80,000 members on 100-plus college and university campuses.

Here at NKU, Phi Tau has recognized the Epsilon Pi chapter since the Spring of 1997, following an 18-month colonization/building period. In our time on this campus, we have worked to build partnerships with fellow students, as well as with the faculty, staff, administration and community at large.

In the case of Jell-O Wrestling, however, we created an environment that was uncomfortable and offensive to some.

This was absolutely and error in judgment on our part, and one for which we take full responsibility.

Although we certainly intended no harm to anyone in any way, we have quite inadvertently managed to do so, and for that, we are deeply apologetic.

In addition, we share the frustration of others within our community at the barrage of misinformation that has taken on a “life of its own” regarding this event.

To be absolutely clear, the Jell-O Wrestling event, parts of which were personally witnessed by two members of the University administration, had absolutely no women “in their underwear” as has been erroneously reported and repeated. In fact, the event participants included eight of our own chapter brothers.

In our living/learning environment, we as NKU students have a wealth of opportunities to learn about ourselves and one another.

Rest assured that we have learned a valuable and important lesson in this instance; we pledge to work diligently to learn from our error in judgment.

Richard Watson,

president Phi Kappa Tau, Epsilon Pi Chapter and

members of Phi Kappa Tau, Epsilon Pi Chapter