Mack takes comic book talent to the big screen

Many students and alumni gathered in Greaves Concert Hall on Oct. 22 to hear one of Northern Kentucky University’s successful alumni, David Mack, discuss his work.

Mack is an artist who has worked on such things as “Daredevil” and a new comic that he created, “Kabuki.”

Prior to Mack’s lecture a cocktail reception was held in the Fine Arts Gallery, where Mack signed many of his works.

Mack talked about how he came to NKU. He was offered a full art and academic scholarship, and that is what helped him decide to come to NKU. Mack said the education he received was practical in everyday life.

“I wanted to get something from my classes that was interesting and not something that satisfies general studies,” Mack said.

Mack told the audience that he wanted to take full advantage of everything the school had. “I was open to a range of history, theatre, mythology and children’s literature classes,” he said.

After speaking about his educational experience at NKU, Mack opened the floor up for up for the audience, who asked him a wide range of questions.

Mack answered many questions dealing with his profession.

With “Kabuki,” Mack creates, draws and writes it, giving him full control of over his new comic, he said.

As for what he wants to do with his comic next, Mack said that he is working to make it a film project for Fox studios, in which he is the visual designer, creative consultant and co-producer.

Mack wanted to take part in how the film is portrayed rather than just sell off the properties to a film studio and let them decide how the characters are portrayed, he said.

“There is a danger to that (selling of properties) because if the film comes out and it’s bad, people might think the same of the book,” Mack said.

The main fine arts gallery offers an opportunity to see some of Mack’s work. It will be open through Friday, Oct. 31.