Voice will be heard

To the editor,

I’ve decided to write yet another article in regard to the fraternity “rush week” events.

I stand by my previous article, and am ready to argue my point. I was at these “fraternity events” and witnessed first-hand everthing I wrote about.

I feel Student Life and especially IFC need to be extremely thorough in their investigation of these events.

I will continue to write to give students a voice on this campus, and I will keep writing until appropriate measures are taken. To assure students that events like “Jell-O wrestling” and “sex parties” will not happen again.

Events like these should be held off campus at a private location, not in the middle of the UC plaza.

Out of all these events and articles that have been published on these topics I still don’t understand one thing…how do these events promote brotherhood and fraternalism?

Bettina Marie Adams

Freshman, art