Stories have spun ‘out of control’

To the editor.

I think that the Jell-O wrestling of the Phi Kappa Taus and the Safe Sex Party from the Tekes has gotten totally out of control.

NKU is on the news, and not in a good way. This is giving our school bad publicity, and even more so shaming the names of upstanding gentlemen of these fraternities.

Who cares that it was Jell-O wrestling?

If you take a minute to look at the pictures people were fully clothed and I have yet to any pictures of the safe sex party.

Maybe people shouldn’t have been in the dark, but think about it, most of the time you are having sex in the dark. At least people will now know how to use a condom in the dark and know how to properly put one on a male.

In today’s society, women should know how to be protected against STD’s and pregnancy.

Everyone involved seemed to have a fun time, and until I see a picture of a half naked person or a blindfolded person using their mouth to apply a condom, why doesn’t this student body and the ones who were offended let it go?

You all made your point, get over it. It’s Jell-O. Chalk it up to fun and let it go with a grain of salt.

Shannon Britton

Freshman, special education