She celebrates love each day, not once a year

It might not be as well-known as Valentine’s Day, but Sweetest Day – this Saturday, Oct. 18 – is still a day where people can show their appreciation for loved ones.

For Sarah Goebel, love is always in the air, and she does not need a designated day to show how she feels.

Goebel, a sophomore radio television major, has dated her boyfriend, Chris Mayleben, a junior from the University of Cincinnati, for about five months.

About a year ago, Goebel said, they were just friends, working together at National Car Rental at the airport.

“His friendship was the best friendship I have had in my entire life,” Goebel said. “He didn’t judge anything.”

Goebel, who was dating someone when she first met Mayleben, said he always listened to her problems. “We became best friends,” Goebel said. “We were friends for about six months before we started dating.”

When they finally started dating, Goebel said they went to Joe’s Crab Shack and then to see a movie. “He was a total gentleman,” Goebel said. “He pulled out chairs, and opened doors.”

Mayleben initiated the first date, but Goebel said she always knew she liked him. “When I first met him there was an attraction,” Goebel said. “He swept me off my feet, and I fell in love with him for all those reasons.”

That attraction and friendship has turned into a relationship filled with fun. “We like to go downtown and go shopping, walk around and talk, go out to dinner,” Goebel said. “Probably the most fun is when we go downtown. It’s fun and romantic.”

One of the couple’s favorite songs, “I Could Love You Like That,” by John Michael Montgomery, sums up the couple’s relationship. Goebel said.

“He is like my Prince Charming,” she said. “(He) swept me off my feet, and the song kind of talks about that.”

Goebel said that Mayleben treats her better than anyone ever has. “Even though we’ve only known each other for about a year, I’ve never been so sure about anything in my entire life,” Goebel said. “I know he is the one.”

It’s important for a couple to stay open with one another, Goebel said. “(You have to) respect each other, be considerate, have a lot of fun and understand each others’ emotions,” she said. “You just have to respect each others’ feelings.”

The couple hasn’t yet planned anything for Sweetest Day, but Goebel said she has her idea of an ideal date.

“I’d like him to just show up at my door with flowers, and take me to any restaurant,” she said. “Maybe go on a carriage ride or see a Broadway show – that would be the perfect date.”