Look for Raiders upset, Vikings victory in week six

Denver Broncos at the Minnesota Vikings.

Need I say more, the Vikings are 5-0. If Randy Moss can continue to put up career high numbers, the Vikings can easily be 6-0 after this game. There are a few questions surrounding the Vikings. Will Culpepper play? How much will his back let him? Will the Vikings continue to start Frerote at quarterback? I think Denver will struggle in this one, their pass defense is horrendous. The only good news surrounding the Broncos is that they have Clinton Portis. Portis will need to have a big game to keep this high powered Vikings offense off the field. I expect Jake Plummer to have an okay game, which will not be enough against this vastly improved team.


Vikings 31 Broncos 27

Kansas City Cheifs at the Oakland Raiders

With both of these teams being able to light up the scoreboard, this Monday night game should be a very fun one to watch. The Raiders offense has struggled at times this year and every team has claimed to have figured them out. That is true once Jerry Porter, their big play threat wasn’t in the lineup because of injury. Well he’s back and will help the Raiders offense get back on track. Will it be enough against the rising high powered Chiefs offense? The Raiders have something to prove after being embarassed on Monday night in week three. The Chiefs offense will put up huge numbers, with Priest Holmes getting his hundred yards on the ground but it won’t be enough. This is my upset special of the week. These old timers can still fight and play.


Raiders 38 Chiefs 35