Totally “Radical” Tom Green Fans Using Activist Tactics, Say They Want “The New Tom Green Show,” Back On The Air.

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Totally “Radical” Tom Green Fans Using Activist Tactics, Say They Want “The New Tom Green Show,” Back On The Air.

New York, NY., Oct. 12 / — They strike in the dead of night, leaving a trail of wheat pasted propaganda in their wake. They use the Internet to recruit new members and provide them with inside information on some of America’s top corporate exec’s. They use co-coordinated computer propaganda sprees against their targets websites. But these are not hard- line activists fighting to topple big business. These are Tom Green’s biggest fans, and they are using activist tactics to get the comedian back on the air.

“Tom’s show was canceled with 65 episodes left in his contract. New episodes had already been filmed and MTV never aired them. Tom fans are mad as hell, and we aren’t taking anymore,” said Agent Kitty of the Tom Green Support Unit, the group responsible for the website. “Ever since the cancellation we have heard from people all over the U.S. who want the show back on the air. We tell them if they want the program back, they have to fight for Tom.”

And fight they have. In the past few weeks activists have held signs outside of MTV’s popular TRL show, posted internal MTV numbers on the Internet, held “Electronic Civil Disobedience” actions in MTV chat rooms, and showered at least 5 US cities with stickers and posters directing Tom fans to contact MTV. And it could get even more intense- one website is sponsoring a contest where fans send in videos of themselves attempting to get Tom back on the air, “by any means necessary.” Agent Pudding of the Tom Green Support Unit explains, “It’s a humorous way to let Tom’s fans act like Tom. We want to give them the chance to make a little harmless mischief and support Tom at the same time. MTV is going to rue the day they canceled our favorite show.”

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