Orndorff is the one who doesn’t get it

To the editor,

I find it extremely disturbing that Mr. Harold Orndorff, Jr. has tried to turn the focus away from his son’s mistake and place blame on editor Lori Cox by accusing her of trying to “bend over backwards to harass” those with a difference of opinion. He has charged that the uproar that has sprung forth from his son’s article is due to “concern…not with the sources…but in the content.” In fact, the backlash that he and his son have received is not based on a political agenda at all, but rather on a question of ethics. In shifting the blame, he has also suggested that the staff of The Northerner is politically biased against right-wing views and that Cox is “obsessed” with the issue. Has he not noticed the wealth of letters to the editor (which, by the way, were not all written by Ms. Cox) that have appeared in The Northerner concerning this issue? Most of the responses to his son’s article seem to be completely unconcerned with the politics of either the Orndorff’s or Ehrenreich-they are focused on the issue of plagiarism. In furthering his assertion that NKU’s campus newspaper is anti-right, Orndorff also implies that Cox is out to “expose members of the” SGA. The only thing that Ms. Cox has exposed is a blatant case of plagiarism. By continuing to justify the authenticity of his son’s article and in questioning the integrity of both Lori Cox and The Northerner, Mr. Harold Orndorff, Jr. has succeeded only in proving that he has no understanding of the unethical behavior both he and his son have engaged in.

Cassie Auxier (859) 581-2568 Sophomore, Education/English