What about me?

Although I enjoy reading the published editions of the Northerner, I often am left feeling, when finished reading, dissatisified. Perhaps the issue is the target audience. While the majority of students in attendance at NKU are most certainly in their twenties or perhaps younger, there are students in attendance working their way “over the hill”. There are rarely articles addressing issues non-traditional students must face at NKU. For instance, there are many non-traditional working business students that could provide amazing insight to the conditions of the economy. Perhaps an interview would be appropriate. This would also provide a platform for non-traditional students with work experience to share work experience and apply classroom concepts. An equally important topic is the struggle most non-traditional students face in juggling work, family, and college. Fraternities and soroities, basketball and baseball, most certainly deserve due attention but please consider addressing the concerns and issues of non-traditional students. Besides, a little flavor never hurt a thing.

The Snapp Family