Theatre Department brings ‘The Crucible’ to the stage

Prepare to be immersed in a fictional look at history when Northern Kentucky University’s theatre department performs Arthur Miller’s play, “The Crucible.”

The play is based on the Salem Witch Trials, held in 1692, and follows Abigail Williams as she tries to ruin John Proctor, a farmer with whom she had relations that turned sour.

Williams accuses Proctor and his wife Elizabeth of being witches. The play then turns into a trial where 19 people try to prove their innocence in a town that is fanatical in its view that all accused persons are guilty. On Thursday, Oct. 2, director Samuel Zachary’s interpretation of Miller’s play will open in the Corbett Theatre located on the second floor of the Fine Arts Building.

Through Zachary’s direction, the actors bring the characters to life. Lindsay Greiwe plays Williams, Andrew J. Bernhard plays Proctor and Andrea Scheu plays Elizabeth.

“This will be a fun night out,” said Zachary. “This is a relevant play. It deals with persecution, which is seen throughout the world today, but beyond all this, it’s good theatre.”

Tickets are available at the box office on the second floor of the Fine Arts Building and are only $6 for students. The show runs from Oct. 2 through Oct. 12. For more information call (859) 572-5464 or email the box office at