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For a workout with spice, romance, and history, consider salsa dancing. Salsa dancing was born in 1933 when Cuban song composer Ignacio Pinero wrote the song Echale Salsita as a protest against bland food after eating a meal that severely lacked Cuban spices.

Salsa then lay dormant until the early 60’s, until the term “salsa” returned to the dance floor in the form of constructive criticism. Dancers who needed to add spice or excitement to their moves were told to give it [the dance] some salsa, which became a common music term, not at all relative to the food.

So rent some spicy salsa dance videos or sign up for classes, grab a partner, hit the floor and feel the burn!

El Salsa Grande Generico /Cheap Northerner Salsa*

1 sliced tomato / plenty of ketchup packets 1 tsp. lemon juice / a few lemon juice packets 4 sliced scallions / big stash of white castle onions 1 jalapeno pepper / some jalapeno poppers sans breading 1 sliced red bell pepper / all the (edible) hot stuff you can find

Mix ingredients in a bowl / mix ingredients Share and enjoy! / keep for your cheap, bitter self!

*recipe contributed by Northerner Staff

Rub some pepper on that pain.

Who knew a common kitchen cooking aid was also useful in treating a sore back?

Cayenne pepper seems to temporarily desensitize nerve endings and lessen pain, according to a statement in the July 2002 Fitness magazine by health author Larry Trivieri, Jr.

This pepper with power may also stimulate circulation, which warms the tender area and eases discomfort.

To try this at home: Mix the pepper with water to make a paste and apply to your lower back. Then cover the area with a bandage, and keep it there until you feel relief, which could take up to an hour.

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