Jell-o wrestling on NKU;s campus

Ok, first of all I find it very offending that people can sit here and write about an event that they did NOT attend! There was no fraternity initiation going on last week. It’s something that happens every year called FRATERNITY RUSH! If anyone was involved at all with our campus they would know that.

I can’t believe that our school news paper could publish such FALSE information! These men were simply having fraternity rush last week just like the other fraternities on campus. Yes, some men sugested or “sold” sex as their theme, however, the Phi Kappa Taus were having jell-o wrestling. That was between girls and guys, not just a sexist thing. There was no girls in BRAS AND UNDERWEAR!!!!!!!!! none what so ever, and I can not believe that the Northerner would publish such false info with out investigating it first! I know for a fact what happend that night, because I was there. Some girls wrestled at their own will, and that’ their own choice. And also, some of the Phi Taus wrestled each other, you can see that by all the pictures posted on the internet! There are not even any pictures of females, it is all males, so what justification does that give us here?

These men are very nice men, who are gentlemen, and would not use women as a sexist objects during a rush event. Yes this was just for fun, but unlike many of you think, everyone did have their clothes on, and no one was running around like crazy people with their clothes off. I would really appreciate it if from now on the Women’s studies teachers did not just talk about things that they “think” men did wrong, but things that actually did happen that was wrong. so what if their was Jello on the campus grass last Wednesday, we all pay tuition right? Then we should all have equal rights of this campus and be able to use it like normal students.

Thank you for your time and consideration, Karen Hoffmesiter