Video games

Jason Ellis

Welcome back to another fun filled edition of Games and Gadgets. This week, for your reading pleasure, I have a retro review of Final Fantasy Tactics, my favorite game of all time. This is in honor of the release of FFT Advance for the Gameboy Advance. I’m doing the retro because I haven’t purchased the new one yet, but I should have it soon,

The original release date for this game was Jan. 28, 1998. The game is still as good today as it was then.

This was a change for the Final Fantasy series. Instead of the traditional RPG format this game took on the strategy RPG format.

Characters move around the map on a chess like board. They could only move a certain number of spaces, depending on what job class they have. My favorite job classes are the thief, ninja and samurai. There are others such as knight, archer, wizard, and all the other typical fantasy classes.

The reason that this game is my favorite of all time is the story. The story is very deep and in-depth. And when I say deep I mean real deep.

There are so many plot twists and turns, backstabs that you will you will lose track if you don’t give your full attention to it.

There are also a ton of characters to recruit. It’s not on the same level as Chrono Cross’ recruiting, but it’s close. The most notable of these characters are Cloud, from FF7 fame, and Beowulf.

If you are looking for a fun, classic game then this is the title that you are looking for. A great battle system and one of the deepest game stories ever make this an eternal classic. It is my favorite game for a reason. You’ll probably think I’m weird, but I’ve finished the game at least 20 times and I could play it through 20 more, it’s that good.

Check back next week and hopefully I’ll have a copy of the new one ready to be reviewed. Until then, get your game on and I’ll catch you later.