Get Some Film

Hello, I represent a local film company called Get Some Film. We have developed a significant body of work over the last 2 years with several short films, some which were showcased in select Cincinnati film festivals. Currently our first feature length film is almost complete, with a late October release date.

The reason I am writing you is to offer an extensive article, or perhpas a string of small articles keeping fans informed of the progress we will eventually make.

Furthermore, we are moving from Cincinnati to Los Angeles in April of next year, and our local ties will unfortunately be severed. However, this is a great chance for us to make some last minute publicity, and for the local media to create an entertaining and optimistic story about who we are and our history as a company, including where we’re going from here.

Coincidentally enough, almost all of everyone involved with Get Some Film attended Northern Kentucky University, which is why e-mailing this publication seemed relevant. In fact, we all met while attending classes together.

If you feel more comfortable talking to one or all of us first before you decide if there is sufficient content for an entertaing and informative article, I will be happy to meet with any staff member at any time.

Thank you for your time and consideration, and I eagerly await a response from this publication.

Sincerely, David Cartledge