Event archaic, barbaric

Tiny Redell

Tony Redell

Tony Redell

Julie Herrmann Senior, psychology/ women’s studies

I am a student at this university, but first and foremost I am a woman.

I was in one of my classes on Wednesday and heard something that outraged and sickened me.

What I heard was that there was Jell-O wrestling on campus. Women were being openly objectified on the campus of a public university!

This is supposed to be an institute of higher learning, not a “Girls Gone Wild” video.

This university attempts to promote a healthy, diverse environment.

How does this event do so?

I realize that some people won’t feel the same way I do and may just say, “to each his or her own,” but the objectification of women is never OK under any circumstance.

The whole idea is repulsive, archaic and barbaric. The university should be ashamed.