Dear Editor, My name is Joe Seiter and I am the bass guitar player in the band Payola, winners of the 2003 battle of the bands. We are currently starting something new at a local bar called Southern Lanes which is in Alexandria Ky. We are going to be a house band there every Friday night starting on the 19th of September and we will be there for a few months. It is going to be college night where 18 and older can get in. Also we are going to make each night a special night for a certain sorrority or fraternity, which means special discounts on admission and drink prices for those people who show up to their certain night. The owner of the bar is going to call them and tell them about it. We are also looking for other college bands to come open up for us and we think that if we could get something in the paper, it would help out. The main thing we want out of this is that we want a place in Northern Kentucky that people can go to because there really isnt much to do around here. If you wanna hear a good band you have to drive to Ohio all the time. This would be something different to start and it could be a NKU event because thats who its favoring, by having NKU’s frats and sororities, and their bands at one place every weekend. We wanna try to make NKY’s Original music Flourish! Please tell me if we can go somewhere with this! thanks for your time! Joe Seiter