This week, Elias chats with Cross-Country runner, Greaham Niemer

EH: You took second-place in the eight-kilometer race at the Chris Jones Memorial Invitational Saturday in Louisville. Why not first?

GN: To be honest with you, I was surprised to even finish in second place. I really didn’t know that I was in second until I had finished and they told me.

EH: The parking situation here at NKU can sometimes be unbearable. Have you ever considered running to school?

GN: I’ve considered running to school since I only live a mile away from campus now. Fortunately, I have been able to find a parking spot whenever I need to. My roommate, Matt King, has run to campus a number of times though.

EH: I hear you are a huge Ohio State football fan. What’s your take on Maurice Clarett’s possible season long suspension?

GN: Ohio State doesn’t need Maurice Clarett to be successful. Remember, he sat out about four games last year due to injury, and they still went on to win the national championship.

EH: The NFL season is finally underway. Which team do you see emerging as Super Bowl champions, and don’t say Cincinnati?

GN: I really like Miami to go all the way this year. They have all the parts in place to make a serious run at the Super Bowl with a solid quarterback, running game, and defense. Now all they have to do is execute and not make mistakes.

EH: : As a college football fan, how do you think my Fighting Irish of Notre Dame will do after such a surprising season last year.

GN: I like Notre Dame as well; however, I don’t think that this season will be quite as good as last year. They have a tough schedule, and will probably lose one or two more games than last year. Hopefully, they still get to a descent bowl game. EH: Finally, what do you think has been the most shocking moment in sports this year?

GN: Not only was this the most shocking to me, but it was by far the best sports moment of the entire year. Of course I am talking about Ohio State winning the national championship last January!