Iraqi people fighting for dignity (Guest editorial)

Regarding the short “Terrorists No. 1 Threat to Troops”, under your National Briefs Section (Aug. 27 issue), the mass media leads the American public to blindly believe what is reported daily.

The so-called war ended over three months ago, but the US troops still did not provide electricity, clean water or salaries and jobs for millions of people who had salaries and jobs before the U.S. attack.

It is convenient for our government to blame anything and everything on ‘terrorists.’

As many Democratic presidential contenders have stated, (1) there was no connection between Saddam and 9-11, and (2) there were no WMD in Iraq.

Iraqis do not want to be occupied by a foreign power any more than Americans do. Let us imagine, just for a minute: suppose a country – any country – dropped 30,000 bombs on America, killed thousands of people (more than 20,000), and took over the country.

Suppose they destroyed the electrical system, cut off water supplies (causing widespread cholera, dysentery and other diseases) and removed all incoming sources of basic necessities.

Suppose they began a dictatorial rule of our country. Then, suppose they began to go after the natural resources of America (oil, coal, etc) and export them to their own country via private corporations equivalent to Exxon.

What would we do? Would we lie down and take it, or would we fight for our freedom from brutal occupation by a foreign power?

Iraqis are not terrorists.

They are people like you and me, and they will never tolerate occupation by another country – any more than we would.

Iraqis are fighting for their freedom, for their culture and their dignity.