College Republicans meet Rudolph Giuliani

Some members of Northern Kentucky University College Republicans were thrilled by a trip to the Kentucky Speedway this summer, but not because of a chance to watch their favorite NASCAR driver compete, but for the chance to meet former New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani.

“It would be an honor to meet President Bush but meeting Giuliani was the best day of my life,” Michael Tobergta, of the College Republicans, said.

Giuliani was a guest speaker at a fund-raiser for U.S. Senator Jim Bunning, R-Southgate, at the Speedway in Sparta, Ky., on Aug. 3.

Tobergta, with Noah Meeks, president of the College Republicans, and NKU students Trey Orndorff and Heather Meeks, attended the fundraiser to show support for Bunning and a chance to meet Giuliani.

Tobergta said he admired Giuliani for cleaning up NYC and making it a safer place for residents and visitors, as well as the way he held the city and the country together after the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center in 2001. “During 9-11 he was the anchor for the country,” he said.

Noah Meeks brought his copy of Giuliani’s book “Leadership” to the event, determined to get it signed by the former mayor.

“It was still in the shrink-wrap,” Tobergta said of Meeks’ book.

Giuliani spoke briefly to the crowd of nearly 300 people and Tobertga said, “During the speech not a sound could be heard but the crinkling of the shrink-wrap.”

After his speech, Giuliani shook hands, talked to the NKU students, and signed Meeks’ book.

The NKU students also had the opportunity to speak to Bunning.

“Jim Bunning has been a great asset to the state of Kentucky as Senator and College Republicans will be hitting the campaign trail on his behalf,” Meeks said.

The day wrapped up for the students in the pits of the Speedway as they watched Giuliani and Mary Bunning, the senator’s wife, take a few laps around the NASCAR track.