Choosing a sorority: One woman’s tale

Deciding to join a sorority is a tough decision. Not only is difficult to choose from the nine sororities offered on Northern Kentucky University’s campus, but a huge financial and social commitment.

Knowing how much time a sorority will take from her life freshman Ashley Donithan said she is excited about the challenge.

Donithan, who graduated last year said she has always been interested in sororities. “My sister, Lori Johnson attended NKU her freshman year in 2000,” Donithan said.

“She was a Delta Zeta and I was always amazed by the exiting stories she had for me when she came home to visit. I think that it made her stronger and she will always have those girls as lifelong friends,” she said.

Now it’s Donithan turn to decide. “The reason I decided to join a sorority was because I love having a lot of friends,” she said. “I know that if I am chosen for a sorority it is because they liked me and they are interested in me as a person.”

Donithan whose family lives in Florence says it is not hard living in the dorms away from her family, but with the sorority she hopes she can have that family experience all the time.

“I have a big family and a sorority might give me a sense of home and family that is always there for me,” Donithan said.

“It’s like an immediate group of friends that I can rely on for anything.”


Donithan’s quest to find her perfect sorority began with the search. “In a sorority I look for people who make me feel comfortable,” she said.

Other things on Donithan’s list for the right sorority include that the girls see her for her. “I am looking for girls who are going to see what I can bring to the group and choose me for me and not what they want me to be,” she said

She also wants them to be her friends. “I expect to have a group of friends that are supportive, fun, and willing to help me make my college and sorority experience the best it can possibly be,” she said. “I hope to have honest people so that everyone will be comfortable enough to call each other and talk just like we were all best friends.”

With her expectations high Donithan said she is looking at a few sororities. “I know about some of them, but I can’t make a decision until I get to hear them all out,” Donithan said. “I don’t think it would be fair to choose one without giving them all a chance.”


On Friday, Sept. 5, Donithan stepped into the Otto Budig Theatre officially declaring her intent to run for a sorority.

With all the information from all the different sororities Donithan said it was overwhelming. “I was a little scared,” she said. “I didn’t know what to expect.”

But the girls were all nice, Donithan said, and made her feel welcome into the sorority lifestyle.

At one point in the night the girls in recruitment had a chance to meet the different sororities when the girls went to different rooms for each sorority, Donithan said. All were girls choosing the paths they would follow for the rest of their college days.

Behind the doors Donithan said she could hear the girls singing and screaming on the other side. Once inside the room Donithan said, “You were paired up with a partner that took you and talked to you. They would introduce you to other members.”

By meeting all different groups Donithan said she began to see which sororities appealed to her.