Tribble meeting campus recreation goals

Steve Tribble became director of Campus Recreation one year ago. At this time, he set several goals to improve Campus Recreation at Northern Kentucky University, including the renovation of the Campus Recreation Center, hiring new staff members and improving the volleyball and basketball courts. He has already accomplished many of these goals.

Renovation of CRC

After several logistic issues, architects are now planning the renovation of the fitness center with new facilities and updated equipment. Construction is scheduled to begin in January 2004 and to be finished in August 2004.

New staff

Tribble has hired a staff that will improve all areas of the campus recreation genre.

Jill Kleiser from Milsaps College has become the assistant director for Recreational Programs.

Sarah Daugherty from the University of Notre Dame is now a Coordinator II in charge of aquatics, fitness and special events.

Jeremy Chapman, from Indiana University, is also a Coordinator II and is responsible for intramural and club sports and outdoor adventures.

Handicap lift for pool

A new handicap lift for the swimming pool in the A. D. Albright Health Center will be added this year. This was made possible by a $5,000 grant awarded to Northern Kentucky University by the Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation, which awards grants to help make the lives of those with disabilities a little easier.

The department has not yet set a date to install the lift.

Volleyball and basketball courts

The task of improving the sand volleyball and basketball courts located near the dorms is now complete.

They are used often by students, Tribble said.

Point system

In addition to his other goals, Tribble and Campus Recreation will unveil a new points system this year, which will award points based on how well a team does in each sport entered throughout the year.

In May, a trophy will be given to the team with the most points.