Student learns a valuable lesson from DUI charge

Many students will find themselves, as school begins, craving a beer after a tough day of classes. Because Northern Kentucky University is a dry campus, students often drive to a bar to douse their problems with a swig of alcohol.

But driving to a bar also means that students might drive home. According to the Scientific American website, alcohol causes lose of the sense of reason and caution, slower reaction time, impaired motor coordination and other adverse side effects.

Last year the city of Newport cited 429 people for driving under the influence (DUI) said Captain Howard Nehmeier of the Newport Police.

Marc Teismann, an NKU junior, was added to the list last October of those who received DUI’s.

Teismann who was 20 years old at the time, said he had gone to meet friends for a few beers. Before he left to meet them he had about 13 beers, he said.

While he relaxed with friends for three hours, Teismann did not pay attention to the alcohol he consumed. “I can’t remember how many beers I had,” he said.

As he followed a friend home, a police officer pulled Teismann over. The officer proceeded to ask Teismann and his friend to step down from the truck.

Teisman said he knew why he was asked to get out of his truck. “A wild guess is that I think it was the smell. And my friend couldn’t stand,” he added. “That’s what I think gave it away.”