Freddy, Jason alive again

After months of waiting, “Freddy vs. Jason” hit theaters on August 15, making an amazing 36.4 million nationwide opening weekend.

Children in the 1980’s had two reasons to keep their lights on at night. Freddy Krueger from the six “Nightmare on Elm Street” haunted children’s sleep by sneaking into their dreams with his razor fingers and red stripped shirt and killing them without mercy.

Jason Voorhees the hockey mask-wearing psychopath from the 10 “Friday the 13th” posed a threat that happened not in the world of dreams but in reality. He was the Camp Crystal Lake killer who stalked and dismemberred his teen victims.

Director Ronny Yu (“Legacy of the Rage”) brings the unimaginable to the screen. With his R rated film Yu brings Krueger and Voorhees back for another round of killing, but it is not the helpless shirtless women these demons are after, this time it happens to be each other.

The movie opens with Freddy, played by the original “madman” Robert Englund, trying to find a way to wreck havoc on the town of Springwood. Freddy has been rendered helpless to kill, and the town’s residents have found a way to sleep without dreams.

Freddy desperate for the kill, haunts Jason’s, played by Ken Kirzinger, dreams coercing him to go to Springwood.

One psychopath holding the reigns of another is not a good combination for the town of Springwood. As the bodies begin to fall Freddy realizes he has no control over his “puppet”.

To control the situation Freddy leaves the comfort of the dreams world and enters into the world of reality when Lori a teenager played by Monica Keena (“Freaks and Geeks”), pulls Freddy from her dream into the real world so he can battle on Jason’s turf.

Thus ensues the gruesome battle between the two warlords of the horror movie genre. A fight many of the children of the 1980’s have been dying to see. The thought of one of the men that scared them as children dying offers an excitement like none other.

Due to the brutal nature of the two killers, the movie does not lack on the side of blood and gore.

One of the best parts in the movie is when nearly 20 teens are killed in a cornfield whiling partying. Those with weak stomachs might want to avoid this moive.

No mater how much one despises the horror gurus, Freddy vs. Jason is worth the time and the money to see what will happen when the world of two serial killers collide.